Sunday, March 04, 2007

Peru, Venezuela y Aruba ....... Will be the topics of our program for today !

Peru, Venezuela y Aruba ....... Will be the topics of our program for today ... Welcome !

So, what happened since the Anaconda and Caiman hunting on the amazon border ?
Well, let us tell you about one of the most touristic place on earth after Angkor ... The Machu Pichu !

But honestly, what a place. We went there with heavy feet as the touristic dreamlands are not really on the priorities of this adventure, but how can you be in Cuzco, Peru without paying your tribute to the Incas and their most known ruins.
We rented a dirt bike for 5 days in order to avoid at least the tourist way and made our way to the El Dorado throPeru, Venezuela y Aruba ....... Will be the topics of our program for today ugh mountains, 4700m pass, overflowed rivers, ugly dirt roads and deep vegetation ... We wanted adventure, trust me, we found it ! What a blast !

After coming back in Cuzco exhausted and happy to still be in one piece, we made our way to the Peruvian capital of Lima for a little bit of city wandering and resupply of basic necesities. We quickly took a flight for Caracas and even more quickly moved away from the Venezuelian capital to the nice but touristy island of Margarita. The long expected beaches were finally at our feet .... ahhhh a little bit of toes streching and a few fights with those bloody parrots (ouchh it hurts).

Acclimitised to our new life we decided to experience our first carnaval in the mainland in the tiny pueblo of Rio Carribe; nationaly well known for its colourful carnaval ... What a coincidence !
There, for 4 days we had our share of Salsa, Meringue, Crazy dresses, and a lot .. I mean a lot of beers .... How can they drink that much ..... It must be the training knowing that they start around 3 years old (check the pic).

The carnaval was really a cultural shock,
Hundreds of teenagers dancing in a way that will make Rocco Sifredi blush, everybody drinking non stop, and parades of young and not that young; dressed in the most inventive manners... Weird.. but really amazing !

After the carnaval we had a long expected meeting ... in the island of Aruba (Dutch Carribeans) with Mr Paquito and Mrs Laetizia ... Our two friends from HK moved there two years ago to have their share of Sea, S.., and Sun !
We quickly found out that they encountered as well a strong tatse of corruption, racism, inequity and hard hard work.

Anyway, we were there to enjoy our friends company, the luxury of their house, relax in front of the beach, sneak in the luxurious hotels swimming pools, kite surf on the early morning, eat good food, etc...
We have beePeru, Venezuela y Aruba ....... Will be the topics of our program for today n hosted like kings and really had a good time with them ... thank you so much !

This small island blessed by some of the most amazing beaches in the world and a nice weather most of the year, decided to exploit at the extrem its paradise as well as its proximity to the US border ... the result of this ¨paradise" are cruz boats anchoring every couple of days carrying thousands of tourists each, mixed with numerous luxurious hotels and resorts offering dream vacations for wealthy american tourists.

And now, after nearly 3 full days of travel, (not the easiests), Danielle is on the plane for Kingston, Jamaica while I am typing those words in Fort Lauderdale (Florida) waiting to meet some family.
We will catch up again in a few days in Miami airport in order to make our way together to the destination the closest to my heart: HAITI !

Que se vaya bien !
One life !